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[04 Jul 2004|10:50pm]

Where is everyone? I'm so LONELY AND BLUE.

[acutally, lj ate up krybaby's flist somehow.]
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[13 Jun 2004|01:33pm]

Im having a party and ur all invited.

its a sleepoVer, so bring ur stuff animinals and naIl pOlish and sleepING bags and DVDS111.

we cna had a seance.

(ooc, we're doing the rp in the comments area)
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[07 Jun 2004|07:47pm]

[ mood | bored ]

hi. i'm fox. draco said i should post here. i guess i know you guys. i like totally have nothing to say, ya know. i've got the clash turned up so loud right now, it's vibrating the wall between my room and my sisters. i hope it bleeds her eardrums out. so, i guess that's what i like, the clash and leather and black and death and aliens and david bowie. anyone else think i should dye my hair green?

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[07 Jun 2004|01:54pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi Im Draco A Malfoy.

I'm here from England where I went to school that was soo much better than this place.

Let's see, uh.. my hobbies include Quidditch, which is like your soccer crossed with polo, but better because we can fly.

And I'm into Wicca, which is this totally cool ancient religion, ok? It's all about being one with the earth and worshipping a God AND a Goddess and celebrating fertilllity and stuff. A lot of people think't s to do with wotrshhipping Satan, but it's not cause we don't even blieve in him!!! Wiccans don't believe in ayn sort of Great Evil Force cause darkness is just a part of nature!!!

I come from a "fam trad" which means all the people in my family have been witches ever since there were wiches, we're prelated to the pagan Druids so that's how come I can control the weather an' all that/

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Hello! [07 Jun 2004|01:20am]

[ mood | chipper ]

This is like, a community for this like totally cool game in which characters, mostly from x-files but we're open minded, get to be liek the most teeny angsty drama queens EVAH!!!111!!!

Mostly it's to reduce stress. Also, I think we were high.

My name is Alex Krycek, and I welcome you to Ultra Teen X.

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